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submission guidlines
In order to be included on this site, composers or publishers are requested to contact me at petercroton(at)yahoo(dot)de or over the contact page. The guidelines are:

Composers or publishers must have at least one work which includes lute (or an instrument of the lute family) in a prominent role, and which can be commercially or personally ordered or downloaded, and

-include at least one mp3 (with permission to stream it) and/or a link to at least one audio sample; the file name of the mp3 should include the name of the musical work, not just the track number,

-include a brief biography with an optional photo of the composer with a short description of the musical works (English is preferred, but any European language is acceptable),

 -provide a link where at least one score of the music can be ordered or downloaded, or provide a contact address where a personal copy can be ordered.


Additional information is welcome, but it and other written material may be shortened to fit the format of this site. I greatly look forward to hearing from composers, publishers, and interested musicians!


Peter Croton