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Brad Walton is a Canadian lutenist and occasional composer.

This pdf contains a collection of musical portraits arranged as dance suites, intended for 10-course renaissance lute in 'G' tuning.

This pdf contains tablature for the "Suite in a-minor c-minor g-minor", and the regular notation for this suite can be downloaded here. This suite is for a 13-course 'baroque lute' in d-minor tuning, but can also be played on an 11-course with slight adjustments.

This pdf contains six popular pieces (5 jazz standards and one pop-rock tune "Heart of glass), arranged for the theorbo. The jazz standards are: Autumn Leaves, Blue Skies, I'm beginning to see the light, & I'm in a sentimental mood. 

This pdf contains a Pavan for the 13-course baroque lute, also playable with minimal adjustments on an 11-course. A transcription into normal notation is also included.

This pdf contains tablature for a short polytonal lute suite (allemande, courante, sarabande) in e-minor, a-minor and d-minor, scored for 13-course baroque lute, but more or less playable on a 10-course. This pdf is the same music transcribed for normal notation.

A Tombeau, in the form of a pavan, in honour of my late friend and fellow lute-player, Chris Bolton, who died in 2016. This piece is composed for 13-course baroque lute, but could be adapted for 11 courses. Here you will find a pdf of the tablature, and a pdf with normal notation.