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Lute Pieces:

    1) "Six Baroque Sonatas for the Archlute"
        (published 1998 by TREE-Edition)

      Sonatas in a Baroque Period Style reminiscent of
      Weiss and Zamboni for Archlute or 10c Renaissance lute.

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    2) "Lute Variations on German Traditionals"
      (published 2000 by Antiqua Edition)

      A collection of variations for 6,7 or 8 course Renaissance lute
      on simple yet lovely old German tunes. The style is reminiscent
      of late Renaissance masters like Vallet or Dowland.

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    3) "Ricercars over Genevan Psalm Tunes"
      (published 2009 on

      Polyphonic cantus firmus settings for 6c Renaissance lute
      in a 16th century Period Style.

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    4) "Lute Book for Advent and Christmas"
     (published 2013 on

     A collection of 20 carols which are arranged in many different ways
     for lute or for lute and voice. The lute solos are arranged as  Fantasias,
     Ricercars, Variations, or Dances, all based upon Carol melodies..

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     Preface and music samples:

YouTube Video (no. 8 Ricercar super "Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern"):

Pieces for Romantic Guitar:

  1) "Romantic Variations on German Folktunes"
      (published 2011 on

   In these pieces, the romantic style of the 19th century is applied to
   German folk tunes. The six pieces are not only arranged in a tonal
   progression, but also in a historic progression, from the classical
   style of Sor and Mozart to the highly romantic style of Schumann.

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    Preface and music sample (no. 4 alla J.K. Mertz):

    YouTube Video (no. 2 alla N. Paganini):

Christoph Dalitz was born 1967. His homepage is: