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Audio files:

Performed by Michel Amoric

from the CD "Pièce pour luth, guitare & éléctronique"

Production: Music en Résidence

'The pieces recorded on this CD are examples of a developing body of work for lute and theorbo that aims to integrate them into the new world of electronic sound. This collection of pieces was written with the aid of the IRCAM Open Music program. Even though M. Amoric composed each piece in a unique fashion, a common thread of relationship to the distant as well as to the recent past ties them together'

‘Blancrocher V’ (download score as PDF)

for baroque lute


‘Tombeau de Marin Mersenne’

for theorbo & synthesizer “general midi” sounds


‘Continuum Testudinæ’

for baroque lute & sampler


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Holder of a doctorate in musicology from the Sorbonne as well as a doctorate in science, Michel AMORIC devoted his musical career to performance, appearing for twenty years as a lutenist and a guitarist, before becoming a composer.  He was a soloist at many concerts as well as a 2E 2M performer in ensembles such as the Intercontemporain, the Itinéraire, the Philharmonic orchestra of Radio France, the French National Orchestra, and the Orchestra of Paris… More than 100 of his works have been performed throughout the world. He appears on many recordings of ancient and contemporary music as an instrumentalist or as the orchestra leader. Michel Amoric is one of the rare lutenists who have devoted themselves to the renaissance of the lute repertoire both in fulfillment of commissions and by his own original compositions.